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Clothes dryers must be cleaned and maintained on a routine basis to keep the performance of your dryer efficient and safe to use. When clothes and other items are dried, they produce lint, which must be removed on a regular basis to prevent the quality of your dryer and its performance from degrading. The building up of lint can also reduce your dryer's airflow and cause the drying temperature to increase, potentially leading to having the dryer motor burn out and in some cases even cause a fire. Continue reading to learn how to properly maintain a clothes dryer.

1- Empty the lint trap each time after you dry a load of clothes to promote the proper airflow of heat.

2-Remove and wash the lint trap on a yearly basis or as needed.
Use a mild detergent or soap with a soft-bristled brush to clean and unclog the holes in the lint trap. Set the lint trap on a towel and allow it to dry completely before you insert it back into the dryer.

3-Unplug your dryer from the electrical socket to prevent yourself from getting shocked during the remaining cleaning procedures.

4-Vacuum the inside of the lint trap section using a small attachment to remove stray lint or clumps of lint.
You can also use a lint brush to remove lint from the inside of the lint trap section.

5-Move your dryer far enough away from the wall to allow space needed for cleaning the wall and floor behind your dryer.

6-Remove or detach the vent piping or hose that connects your dryer to the wall.

7-Vacuum the inside of the pipe or hose with a small attachment to remove any existing lint or other debris.

8-Vacuum or use a moist rag on the wall and floor behind your dryer to clean any stray lint, dust, and other debris.

9-Move your dryer back into its original position and reattach the vent hose to your dryer and the wall.

10- Shake the dryer slightly to check its balance.
If your dryer rocks or tilts as you shake it, you will need to make adjustments to the floor or the bottom of the dryer to level it out. An uneven balance may cause your dryer's rotation parts to wear at a faster pace.

11-Walk outside of your home and locate your outside dryer vent.

12-Remove any existing lint or other debris from your outside vent.
If a vent plate is attached to your outside vent, you may need to use a tool such as a screwdriver to remove the plate before you can clean.
If your outside vent contains hinges or flaps, clean around the hinges and make sure they work to allow for proper airflow and ventilation.

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